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    This online accounting and bookkeeping course is designed specifically for people who have zero experience in this field, or for those who wish to improve their knowledge of accounting and bookkeeping.

    The bigger the company, the more they need well-trained Administrative assistants. Those assistants with Bookkeeping skills and practice with QuickBooks are at the top of that demand. This perfect triad of skills is in demand all over the US providing an even greater pool of opportunities. The median income in 2016 for an administrative assistant was $36,750. The median income for a bookkeeper was $39,750. You would have a distinct hiring advantage with both these skill sets and QuickBooks proficiency too! What’s in this Program? Three parts make up this well-balanced program. 1- Administrative Assistant: the person who keeps the wheels greased and turning so that a professional office functions well.

    This multimedia-rich course is designed for administration professionals to enhance their skills and acquire command over Microsoft Office 2019. It will allow them to leverage their cutting-edge skills in the job market and increase their worth. This course offers training in useful tools and powerful strategies to help you deal with your job responsibilities more efficiently.

    This interactive certificate program is specifically designed for adults or non-financial managers who want to learn more about the essentials of corporate finance and make a career for themselves in the corporate sector. This program includes a variety of interactive elements such as games, activities, flashcards and more to make your learning experience more engaging and interesting. Thus, this certificate program aims to educate you on critical financial terminology. It’ll also teach you how to calculate essential financial management indicators at the professional level.

    This assessment-rich human resource management program is designed for adults who want to acquire professional knowledge of human resource management and make a career for themselves in that field. The human resource management program includes a variety of assessment materials such as quizzes, exams, and more that you can use at any time during the program to review what you’ve learned. This way, you can put your knowledge to test and identify topics that you may need to work more on. This interactive program covers a lot.

    This highly interactive leadership certificate program is designed for adults who want to acquire professional leadership skills and secure employment in leadership positions at various companies. Our program includes a variety of interactive materials such as games, flashcards, activities, and more that you can use to make your learning experience more engaging and fun. This certificate program is developed around the book called Leadership: How to Lead, How to Liveby D. Quinn Mills,and thus, covers a lot of material. Also, this book is used at the Harvard Business School as a valuable resource.

    This multimedia-rich certificate program is designed for users who are looking for a nonprofit management certificate online. After you finish this course, you will know everything about nonprofit management and will be able to secure employment at a managerial position at a nonprofit organization. This program includesmodules that include various interactive exercises, selected readings,videos, self-assessments, and case studies. This material will make the learning process more engaging, and it’ll help you practice your decision-making skills in a nonprofit setting.

    If you’re looking for project management programs to improve your project management skills and increase your responsibility in the professional landscape, then this program is what you need. This assessment-rich program includes information that is consistent with the latest edition of the PMBOK Guide. This way, you can have an advantage when you try to become a Certified Project Management Professionals (PMP). In this program, you’ll learn how to master tried and tested project management methods and relatively new techniques in today’s industry. Thus, some details you’ll learn are as follows.

    This user-friendly human resource management program is for anyone who wants to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to pursue a career in the field of Human Resources. Thus, this training program is an excellent choice for entry-level professionals who want to start in the field. It can also help existing professionals in the field to improve their skills and advance in their careers. In addition to that, this program will prepare you to take an industry certification exam. The interactive program incorporates a combination of human resources principles and real-world situations that you may have to deal with.

    This comprehensive course is designed to help you start your career as a cannabis horticulture specialist. As cannabis production becomes commercialized and legalized, the need for skilled horticulture specialists in the cannabis industry is growing as well. You can start your own cannabis nursery or become the most wanted professional with the help of our course. Designed to help you with each and every aspect, our course modules cover the following key aspects: • Understand the basic methods of growth for cannabis plants. • Identify growing equipment and needed for growing cannabis plants indoors or outdoors. • Differentiate between the proper techniques needed for growth. • Identify important parameters such as temperature, lighting and ventilation for maximum growth potential.

    Are you someone who enjoys working with children? Then, this comprehensive Certified Child Care Worker program is perfect for you. You can learn how to work with children in a childcare center with the help of this course. The course specifically focuses on helping you develop your skills as an educator for children who are 5 years old or younger. For this reason, the course focuses on the following core aspects: • The responsibilities and requirements that one needs to have to work with children. • Understand issues and problems that children can face in early childhood development. • Develop a healthy learning environment that also supports differences in individual.