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    This online accounting and bookkeeping course is designed specifically for people who have zero experience in this field, or for those who wish to improve their knowledge of accounting and bookkeeping.

    The bigger the company, the more they need well-trained Administrative Assistants. Those assistants with Bookkeeping skills and practice with QuickBooks are at the top of that demand. This perfect triad of skills is in demand all over the US providing an even greater pool of opportunities. The median income in 2016 for an administrative assistant was $36,750. The median income for a bookkeeper was $39,750. You would have a distinct hiring advantage with both these skill sets and QuickBooks proficiency too! What’s in this Program? Three parts make up this well-balanced program. 1- Administrative Assistant: the person who keeps the wheels greased and turning so that a professional office functions well.

    This unique, multimedia-rich course is designed for administration professionals who want to enhance their performance and value. It offers useful tips, tools, and powerful strategies to help you deal with your job responsibilities more efficiently.

    This multimedia-rich course is designed for administration professionals to enhance their skills and acquire command over Microsoft Office 2019. It will allow them to leverage their cutting-edge skills in the job market and increase their worth. This course offers training in useful tools and powerful strategies to help you deal with your job responsibilities more efficiently.

    Get a leg up on the competition with the help of this intensive course for advanced human resource management. Over the years, the human resource (HR) industry has grown on a global level. Today, skilled candidates for human resource management are in high demand and can expect to get lucrative salary packages and exponential career growth. Our program is designed to help you prepare for the Professional in Human Resources (PHR) and the Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) certification exams. For this reason, our course focuses on the following main aspects: • Analysis of the role of HR managers in the organization. • Development of HR plans for strategic implementation.

    Are you interested in pursuing a career in law? Then, take our detailed and in-depth advanced paralegal studies course. We understand that paralegals play a crucial role in the legal system and have to provide legal assistance to public and private clients. Not only do paralegals need to be able to communicate effectively, but they also have to have a firm understanding of the law and other procedures. Understanding the skill sets as well as the crucial areas to focus on, our advanced paralegal studies course covers two main areas namely, corporate and litigation. It is designed to help you learn the following core areas: • Standard procedures for bankruptcy and requirements, including protections for Chapters 7, 11 and 13.

    Como profesional de oficina, solo tiene que hacer una cosa: ¡todo! Y nunca parece haber suficiente tiempo para hacerlo todo, mucho menos aprender cómo. Pero si realmente quiere aumentar su desempeño laboral y agregar valor a su empleador, debe tomar este curso de Asistente Administrativo. Este curso ofrece un suministro casi infinito de consejos inteligentes, excelentes consejos, herramientas comprobadas y estrategias poderosas para lidiar con las responsabilidades y los requisitos del trabajo diario. En este curso, cubriremos tareas administrativas que incluyen tareas de soporte comunes, interacción con otros, desarrollo de habilidades esenciales, el aspecto financiero de la asistencia administrativa y habilidades en el conjunto de aplicaciones de Microsoft Office.

    This assessment-rich business management program is designed for any person who wants to develop business management skills at a professional level. The course includes a range of different assessment materials to help you review what you’ve learned whenever you want. This way, you can ensure that you’re ready to dive right into the professional landscape. There are a lot of things to cover in this interactive business management program.

    Estás buscando ascender a una función de gestión? Este programa de certificación le proporcionará los conocimientos y habilidades necesarios para tener éxito en un puesto directivo. En este programa aprenderá los principios financieros y el impacto emocional de un puesto de gerente, así como las habilidades para conocer a su personal y el conocimiento de los recursos humanos necesarios para cualquier función de gestión. También aprenderá el enfoque principal de las ventas, incluyendo cómo identificar y comunicarse con su comprador y cómo generar nuevas oportunidades. Dar el siguiente paso para avanzar en la gestión puede ser fácil con este programa.

    This user-friendly program is designed for those people who are looking for an entrepreneurship certificate online. Therefore, it’s ideal for any adult who wants to learn more about the finance involved in entrepreneurship. After completing this entrepreneurship certificate online, you’ll be one step closer to starting your very own business. Also, the program is focused on being user-friendly. Hence, this educational platform is more accessible, and thus, users can use all the available resources without a problem. This certificate in entrepreneurship will teach you various topics to help you develop your entrepreneurship skills.

    This interactive certificate program is specifically designed for adults or non-financial managers who want to learn more about the essentials of corporate finance and make a career for themselves in the corporate sector. This program includes a variety of interactive elements such as games, activities, flashcards and more to make your learning experience more engaging and interesting. Thus, this certificate program aims to educate you on critical financial terminology. It’ll also teach you how to calculate essential financial management indicators at the professional level.

    This assessment-rich human resource management program is designed for adults who want to acquire professional knowledge of human resource management and make a career for themselves in that field. The human resource management program includes a variety of assessment materials such as quizzes, exams, and more that you can use at any time during the program to review what you’ve learned. This way, you can put your knowledge to test and identify topics that you may need to work more on. This interactive program covers a lot.