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    Communication in Healthcare is a course that provides a professional understanding of healthcare communications and the best practices for creating a positive and nurturing environment not only for patients but for co-workers as well. This course begins by giving an overview of how different forms of communication from verbal to body language effect communication in healthcare . It then dives deeper to explain the different types of discipline within a professional environment and how best to communicate these disciplinary actions. Finally it explains different standardized communication skills and how these skills guarantee precision and an environment where workers feel comfortable expressing their concerns.

    Which types of skin disorders and dermatitis are most common? Which skin conditions are infectious? Which are cancerous? The answers to these questions are critical knowledge to the healthcare professionals in a dermatology setting. This course provides an overview of the anatomy and physiology of the integumentary system and several common skin disorders that a healthcare professional may see in a dermatologist office. It is important for professionals to understand basic concepts in order to assist the dermatology specialist in this environment.

    The demand for skilled dental assistants is rapidly growing. If you are interested in a dynamic career in a high demand, rewarding profession, this course is for you. This course provides a look into becoming a dental assistant and their day to day responsibilities. We will take a deep dive into the training and requirements for pursuing a successful career in this field. Lastly, this course will look at the evolution, current trends, and facts of working in the dental assisting area.

    La atención al paciente siempre ha sido considerada como un modelo complejo. En la actualidad, los profesionales médicos van desde profesionales con licencia profesional a médicos, terapeutas respiratorios, enfermeras, etc. En este curso, cubriremos todo lo que cualquier profesional de la salud que trabaje en pediatría o con pacientes pediátricos deberá saber ... ya sea en una Práctica privada o entorno hospitalario. Comenzaremos por explorar las enfermedades más comunes que se encuentran en los pacientes pediátricos. A continuación, analizaremos la comunicación con los pacientes pediátricos y las barreras que complican dicha comunicación. Por último, desglosaremos los factores de desarrollo relacionados con la edad desde el nacimiento hasta los dieciocho años.

    As the fastest growing industry, pursuing a career in the healthcare field will provide stability, profitability, and satisfaction. All career paths in healthcare require Medical Terminology knowledge and skills. In this course learners will explore the word structure and analysis of medical terms including prefix, root word, and suffix. Next learners will review the organization of the body and body systems in regards to terminology. Lastly we will discuss diagnostic testing and radiology and how medical terminology is used to determine the proper testing methods. Learners will navigate through the training material before completing several short activities at the end of each lesson to test their retention of the information.