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    Meditation is a simple, beneficial technique used in peer support to help combat the effects of experiencing traumatic or stress situations. The meditation practice helps to insight peace within that improves both mental and physical wellness. In this course, we will describe the practice of meditation and discuss allowing the mind to wander to identify mental wellness. We will explore the two parts of meditation: the calmness of mind and the sharpness of mind. We will talk through the benefits of practicing meditation and walk through how to meditate. Lastly, we will instruct you on an exercise to control your mind by engaging your five senses.

    The three main basics everyone needs to live a happy and healthy life are sleep, eat, and fun. These are important aspects of every individuals life and when not properly respected can negatively impact quality of life. In this course, we will discuss the importance of sleep and techniques for improving sleep in those that have experienced a traumatic or stressful situation. We will also explore nutrition and wellness including things to avoid eating after a critical incident. Lastly, we will go through some breathing techniques that help induce a state of calm and relaxation.